Sep 20, 2007

AutoOptics PartnerProfile: KELET (Hungary)

The KELET Optics Network (Kelet-Magyarországi Optomechatronikai Kht., which stands for East-Hungary Optomechatronics Public Benefit Company) was founded by Szatmár Gazdaságfejlesztési Alapítvány (Szatmár Economy Developing Foundation) as a partnership between the Mátészalka Local Government and four companies: Zeiss Vision Hungary, HOYA Lens Manufacturing, MOM Watermeasureing and Flabeg. The main purpose of KELET is to raise the level of education of the existing regional optics staff and to help raise a new generation of highly skilled workers and professionals by organizing conferences and courses for adults. Another main aim of KELET is to support regional companies who traffic in optical components in siginificant cost reduction.

Contact Details:

Managing Director: Szováti Tibor

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