Sep 20, 2007

Ongoing preparations for the AutoOptics TechnologyForum

The AutoOptics team at Harz University is currently busy with preparing the first AutoOptics TechnologyForum, which will be held in Wernigerode next week on September the 25th. After the frist AutoOptics event in Germany – the AutoOptics ShortCourse from May 29th to May 30th – was able to generate so much attention – the speakers list included researchers from HarzOptics GmbH, DieMount GmbH, PhotonicNet GmbH, CODIXX AG and Polykum e.V. - Harz University is looking foward to hosting this year's TechnolgyForum as well.

The AutoOptics TechnologyForum will feature several presentations and showcases related to the subject of optical data transmission via polymeric fibers (POF) . In the second part in the afternoon, we plan to have a technical discussion and a little plenum and brainstorming on how to go on with the project and what best to do with the rest of the valuable project time. There are many good ideas floating around – from creating a multilingual knowledge exchange wiki about optomechatronics over setting up permanent business partnerships and student exchanges to organizing even more companies and universites for an even bigger research project and applying for EU research grants – and we need to seize the opportunity and discuss all of them in a live plenum – this is certainly going to be a very interesting day.

Once the organisation stands, we will post timeline, agenda and topics list on this blog to keep all attendants out there updated on the proceedings. If you plan to attend and have any questions about the forum, please feel free to write to the organizers via